Friday, March 28, 2008

Conventions: standing and walking

Recent trips to IKEA with Amalia have renewed my love of escalators. The escalator at IKEA is flat, it never forms into stairs like the average esacalor (see above), which is why I think it's such a treat.

The longest escalator in the world is in Moscow, clocks in at 410ft (740 steps), and takes almost three minutes to ride. Eight people died and 30 more were injured on February 17, 1982, when an escalator collapsed on the Moscow Metro. The shortest is in Japan, and measures only 32 inches (see below).

"that kid is BACK on the escalator AGAIN!"

Monday, March 24, 2008

You either somebody, or you ain't nobody

I watched the movie American Gangster this afternoon. It's a worthwhile movie, although I have a hard time with Russell Crowe, Denzel is good as always, which led me to looking up the real Frank Lucas. The lengths drug traffickers go and the depth of corruption is pretty amazing.

In keeping with the theme of drug trafficking, I watched a program on the National Geographic channel (or NatGeo, as they call it now) called Locked Up Abroad. Pretty fascinating/terrifying show; not too sure how real some of the stories are, but it's interesting nontheless. It's shot almost like a mini movie, with actors and some above average camera work, and mostly about tourists who do something stupid and try and smuggle drugs in/out of the country and get caught. The full episode I watched was about these four kids who tried to smuggle gold into India, and ended up spending 8 months in a Nepalese prison. As someone who would eventually like to travel to Southeast Asia, I must say this is just a little nerveracking; not that I would ever try to smuggle gold (or drugs for that matter), but the idea of being detained at an airport in a foreign country is a scary one.

Anyway, if you've ever had an inkling to watch a movie about going to jail in a foreign country (like this gem ), I would suggest Locked Up Abroad instead.