Wednesday, June 25, 2008

white horses

True "white" horses, especially those that carry the White or "W" gene, are rare. Most horses that are commonly referred to as "white" are actually gray horses whose hair coats are completely white. White horses are born white, always have a white coat with no other color present, and stay white throughout their life.

work by kiki martinez.

True albino animals have a white coat, mane, and tail, with pink skin and pink eyes. However, there is no reported case of a true albino horse. Albinism in horses appears to be linked to lethal traits and albino foals do not survive. Therefore, all living "albino" horses actually have blue or brown eyes and thus are white horses, not true albinos.

"one is light, one is dark"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

an updated view of my desk. a little more clutter. a little more flair

the view outside my window. the building in the center will be the future home of the sol lewitt retrospective (that we'll be getting to do signage for, hopefully before the summer is over). also featured prominantly is the big screen that we'll be watching movies on all summer (including enter the dragon and badlands).

listening to roy orbison/wishing i had photobooth

swimming with the girls after a long hot day of work

fish pond

we are awesome.

the artist formally known as henry gale

Sunday, June 8, 2008

massachusetts, so far

i'm too tired and lazy to describe what it's like being here. in a word; amazing. and refreshing. and the pictures kind of speak for themselves, i think. many more to come though! i've been here about a week, and the majority of these photos were taken last monday and tuesday.

view down the street from outside the intern house

intern rabbit, bwp bwp :)

intern attic, complete with a few dirty mattresses and a half empty jug of carlo rossi

walk on the way to the museum

the upside down trees

hey abi, check this out!

AMAZING jenny holzer exhibit (for colin)

basement bathrooms

part of eastern standard

big sign

big banners


getting a tour of all the secret passage ways at mass moca

and we end at my desk, where i'll be designing stuff allll summer long.

more photos soon.