Friday, August 22, 2008

this morning/this afternoon

mac and i are leaving today. before work (around 8:30am) meredith baked a cake and got bagels for breakfast.

like the day before, during our lunch break we went and looked at another old building on mass moca's complex. this one still has old sprague stuff in it.

and after this, i said my goodbyes, took a taxi to the airport, boarded a plane, and came back home to minnesota. and thus ends a very, very good summer.


meredith, gene, kendall and i explore mass moca's building 6 on our lunch break.

someday this space will be turned into a gallery, or possibly a performing arts space

materials, in this case, bomb casings, left over from christoph b├╝chel's non existent show

looking up into where the floor collapsed

lunch at the roadside dairy bar

because i am a SAP

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

last week

summer/sol lewitt intern bbq sendoff kinda thing on friday night.

greatly out numbered by sol lewitt interns

charlie burnham plays on saturday night. it was really chilly and quiet and he played really great blues music.

my last saturday night after a show spent backstage and on the loading dock.

bonfire on sunday.

monday or tuesday, meredith, mackensie and i went up to a lookout point to watch the thunderstorm that was going on. it stopped raining by the time we got up there. this is what it looked like afterwards.

we walked even further up and got to what was practically the top, and a large grassy clearing where you could see lights from towns away, and the clouds down in the valleys. we watched the sunset and it was pretty awesome, of course. i unfortunately did not bring my camera up there, but this is what the sky looked like when we got back down.

view from that lookout point (sans horizon) in the daytime. photo courtesy meredith boggia

walk back from work.

we eat like a family

wednesday night is north adams' downtown celebration. we man the mass moca booths and try and get the locals interested biospheres, sol lewitt, and contemporary music.

buffalo wings!

yeah, i think i'll miss this place.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

winding down

last week we (interns) had to put together a concert for this program aimed at teenagers called the grooove cafe. there's three o's because all the kids are '100% substance free'.

the bands were mostly the screamo/emo/metal kinda stuff that the kids are into nowadays. one of the bands that was suppose to play was called dead horse fight. needless to say, when they cancelled, we were all pretty bummed.

jo and i hung out on the loading dock waiting for one of the bands, named between now and forever, to arrive for sound check.

the next day, it looked like this all day

but when i was about to leave work, it changed to this

birthday girl aya and meredith under the discoball later that night

we threw aya a party over the weekend, and meredith managed to rent us a bouncy castle. we were all pretty excited.

waiting waiting waiting for aya on the porch, trying not to look suspicious.

she loved it.

yes, somebody bought straws that look like dicks.

and the dick straws reappear, but now as classy cigarette holders.

next day hangover. we cure our stomachs (at least my stomach) with food and drinks from hot dog ranch.

it's an ongoing joke here about how much i love buffalo wings. even for breakfast, i say.

jo invites us over for homemade pasta and salad and other goodies.

and after dinner we walk over to mass moca and watch dark dark dark perform outside.

after the concert, we go back to jo's and eat peach and tangerine pie. jo is about to laugh in the picture.

good stuff.