Wednesday, August 20, 2008

last week

summer/sol lewitt intern bbq sendoff kinda thing on friday night.

greatly out numbered by sol lewitt interns

charlie burnham plays on saturday night. it was really chilly and quiet and he played really great blues music.

my last saturday night after a show spent backstage and on the loading dock.

bonfire on sunday.

monday or tuesday, meredith, mackensie and i went up to a lookout point to watch the thunderstorm that was going on. it stopped raining by the time we got up there. this is what it looked like afterwards.

we walked even further up and got to what was practically the top, and a large grassy clearing where you could see lights from towns away, and the clouds down in the valleys. we watched the sunset and it was pretty awesome, of course. i unfortunately did not bring my camera up there, but this is what the sky looked like when we got back down.

view from that lookout point (sans horizon) in the daytime. photo courtesy meredith boggia

walk back from work.

we eat like a family

wednesday night is north adams' downtown celebration. we man the mass moca booths and try and get the locals interested biospheres, sol lewitt, and contemporary music.

buffalo wings!

yeah, i think i'll miss this place.

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